November Meeting Recap

Huge thanks to Buzzsaw Brewing Company for welcoming us into their Whitehall brewery (and opening just for us!). Also thanks to Uncle Will's Wagon for serving up some excellent tacos.

President Eric Saas led the general business meeting. Beer for Boobs was a great success! Obviously we want to thank AJ and the whole Hoster crew for so graciously hosting us--everything went off well! BFB had 137 entries and allowed us to raise $1,000 to donate for breast cancer research. Ten different states were represented and there were 14 awards to SODZ members.

Mark your calendars because we are already looking forward to our next competition, which is British Beer Fest! That will be April 22nd, 2023 at Olentangy River Brewing Company.

Another not to miss item for the calendar is our December meeting and holiday party, which is December 19, 7 pm at Combustion in Clintonville. This is the former Lineage Brewing location, and where we've held our holiday party for years. Remember that food is provided and SODZ members get a plus one. There will also be a white elephant-style large format bottle gift exchange. We hope you are able to join us!

Learn to Homebrew Day at Nocterra Brewing was also a success! We had a great turnout of homebrewers and enjoyed unseasonably great weather. Head out to Powell and try some Learn to ESB before it's gone (you might also be able to find it in a bottle shop).

Now for the club competition results! Our November contest theme was Smoke and Roast.

Total entries: 11

1st place - Victor Aume - Smoked Highlands

2nd place - Bill Koeppen - Fist of Rage - Barrel Aged Stout

3rd place - Jim Sudduth - Chick, Stock, and 2 lbs of Smoked Malt - Smoked Brown

Looking forward to our January meeting yet? We are! For the first time, we will be meeting at Zen Bee Meadery in Columbus. In addition to our typical January contest (Beermageddon, high ABV beers), there will be a side contest specifically for meads! Join us January 16, 2023 at Zen Bee!

National Learn to Homebrew Day Details

Join SODZ, DOH, and HOPs as we participate in National Learn to Homebrew Day! We are being hosted by Nocterra Brewing in Powell this year.

The event is Saturday, November 5th, so come on out! Here are some specifics important for brewers to know:

-The brew day can begin as early as 9 am.

-Nocterra is supplying up to 10 lbs of base grain to each brewer and heated water for mashing.

-Nocterra is also providing yeast. Chico ale, lager, pub, and Helio Gazer will be available. Pub is the yeast that was used in the LTHBD collab beer this year. If you plan to use Helio Gazer, reach out to Bruce or Brian about the recipe.

-Electric systems are, unfortunately, discouraged given the nature of the setup, but please come out and engage anyway!

SODZ asks that seasoned homebrewers encourage as many people to come out and learn as possible. This always has the potential to be such an amazing community event for this hobby.

Not to mention, the collab beer brewed with Nocterra will be tapped that day also! It is called "Learn to ESB." There'll even be two infusions and a casked version, so you really don't want to miss out on this event.