April Meeting Recap

Thanks to Eastside for hosting and providing us with a rundown of the brewery, questions for the brewers, and for providing us with a tour of the brewery. Also wanted to thank SLAB for opening up for our members and providing us with some delicious food. This month's meeting covered the following items. Hope to see you all May 16th at Ill Mannered for a great event during Columbus Craft Beer Week!

Election of new Board

  • President Eric Saas
  • Vice President Jason Wing
  • Secretary Jessica Chark
  • Membership Mitch McGreal
  • Treasury Stacy Groene

British Beer Fest at Olentangy BrewingThanks to organizer Scott Elliott, SODZ staffers and all judges/stewards who volunteered their time and helped run a very smooth event! 

  • Best of Show = Deborah and Marc Pritchard's English Porter
  • Lucci Cup winner = Michael Noonan, "Stairway to Heaven", British Strong (also silver medal in its category)
  • Lucci Cup HM = Greg Lindeman, "The Elusive British Kiwi", British Strong

Other SODZ medalists:

  • Scott Elliott, gold medal, "Pripyat", Imperial Stout; gold medal, "Unpresidented", Scottish Export
  • Chris Mullinax, silver medal, "Toucan Sam's Smiling Stout", Tropical stout
  • Jim Sudduth, silver medal, Best Bitter
  • Dan George, silver medal, "Fear of the Dark", Dark Mild
  • Greg Lindeman, bronze medal, "Mackem Brown Ale", London Brown
  • Nik Volkert, bronze medal, "Beamishish Stout", Irish Stout  

Coming Events

  • Big Brew Day on Saturday 5/7 -- Watch email, website and FB for more details. 
  • May SODZ Mtg -- Ill Mannered on 5/16. We will have a coordinated event with Columbus Craft Beer Week. This will also be the first official meeting with the new board.
  • Afternoon with the Brewer's -- May 17th-21st Entries Accepted. Judging Begins May 28th, and Afternoon with the brewers will be on June 5th and it will be free to enter.
  • June 4th -- Iron Kettle @ Hoster's 
  • June SODZ Mtg -- Unofficial summer meeting at Restoration
  • June 23-25 -- Homebrew Con
  • Zachrich Hop Yard -- July 23rd. This year's Summer Picnic will take place here and we will have some form of freshly harvested hops + brew-on-premise option for club members. There will be food and camping is an option.

March Meeting Recap

Thank you to AJ and the Hoster family for hosting us this month. Learning the history of Hoster and the impact it has had on this city was a delight to learn about. We are all looking forward to enjoying a Gold Top Dortmunder once again!

SODZ Board Elections - Elections will be held next month, please reach out to myself or one of the board members if you are interested in running for a position.

British Beer Fest at Olentangy Brewing, 4/9!

April SODZ Mtg -- Eastside Brewing on 4/18. Will be closed to the public.

May SODZ Mtg -- Ill Mannered on 5/16. Coordinated event with Columbus Craft Beer Week

June 4th -- Iron Kettle. Save the Date, Hosters will be hosting us!

June SODZ Mtg -- informal gathering at Restoration

June 23-25 -- Homebrew Con - Registration for the conference and beer entries are open

Zachrich Hop Yard -- July 23rd - More details to follow

See you in April at Eastside!